Day 29 – Bangkok

Day 29: Bangkok – The perfect ending to our Southeast Asia adventure! After 28 days of exploring various cities, towns, and villages across Southeast Asia, it’s time to wrap up our trip with the grand finale in Bangkok. As we explore Bangkok, take the time to soak in the sights and sounds of the city, […]

Day 28 – Siem Reap/Bangkok

Day 28: Siem Reap/Bangkok – The Final Leg of Our Southeast Asia Journey As we near the end of our 28-day Southeast Asia adventure, we’ll leave the quaint and charming town of Siem Reap and head back to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. The journey takes us across the border from Cambodia into Thailand, and […]

Day 5 – Chiang Khong/Muang Pakbèng

Welcome to Day 5 of our Northern Thailand adventure! Today, we will be heading across the Laos border and embarking on a scenic voyage down the Mekong River. We will get to witness some of the most magnificent views of the river and explore the charming town of Muang Pakbèng. We will begin our journey by crossing […]

Day 4 – Chiang Mai/Chiang Khong

Welcome to Day 4 of our Northern Thailand adventure! Today, we will be exploring two of the most beautiful destinations in the region – Wat Rong Khun and Chiang Khong. This journey will take us through some of the most picturesque locations in Thailand while giving us an opportunity to learn more about the country’s […]

Day 3 – Chiang Mai

Welcome to Chiang Mai! Known as the “Rose of the North,” Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and a cultural hub of the region. On our third day of our trip, we have some exciting activities planned for us. First up, we will head to the Doi Suthep temple, one of the most sacred […]

Day 2 – Bangkok/Chiang Mai

Day 2 takes us on another exciting journey through Bangkok and then on an overnight train to Chiang Mai. Our day begins with a visit to the Wat Po temple, an iconic temple located adjacent to the famous Grand Palace. Wat Po is home to the famous reclining Buddha statue, which is 46 meters long and […]

Day 1 – Bangkok

If we’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, Southeast Asia has it all. It’s a region where we can experience different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes all in one trip. G Adventures’ Southeast Asia Adventure itinerary will take us on a journey through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Here’s everything we need to know about this epic […]