Paris – Day 7 – before we go…

Ah, one final adventure awaits us before we bid farewell to this enchanting city – a delightful walkabout to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica and the charming Montmartre neighborhood. Now, if you’re up for a challenge or feeling particularly energetic, you can embark on conquering the approximately 300 stairs that lead up to the basilica. But fret […]

Paris – Day 6 – let’s get out of the city

You got it! Get ready for an amazing day trip to the beautiful countryside of Versailles!We’ve got an incredible bike riding tour lined up for us, where we’ll get a chance to explore the stunning grounds of Versailles. And guess what? The tour includes entrance to the magnificent Palace as well! To get there, we’ll […]

Paris – Day 5 – finally some shopping!

Alrighty, let’s dive into another exciting day in Paris! We kick off our adventure at the marvelous Arc de Triomphe. With our special ticket, we’ll ascend to the rooftop and be greeted with yet another breathtaking panoramic view of the city. From up here, the grand significance of the Arc’s location becomes more apparent. Situated […]

Paris – Day 4 – something tall and something small

Today’s adventure in Paris is taking us away from our hotel, and we’ll be cruising around the city on the delightful batobus. It’s like a hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour, except we’ll be enjoying the scenic river view as we go along.Now, brace yourself because our next stop is none other than the Eiffel Tower itself! […]

Paris – Day 3 – the classic – Louvre

Haha, I must say, yesterday’s art overload was just the beginning! Brace yourself for another one today!The Louvre.It’s so iconic that it needs no introduction. We’ll be dedicating the majority of our day to exploring this magnificent museum. Why, you ask? Well, simply because the Louvre is colossal and houses the most expansive art collection […]

Paris – Day 2 – D’Orsay, Sainte Chapelle and a short cruise

Once again, we’ll be sticking close to our home base today, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a thrilling day! We have a jam-packed itinerary in store. This special tour will grant us entrance to the mesmerizing Sainte-Chapelle—a small chapel from the 13th century adorned with stunning stained glass windows. Let’s make sure to […]

Paris – Day 1 – let’s go walkabout

Let’s hit the streets and shake off any potential jet lag. No sleeping in today, because Paris is waiting for us! Since we’re in this fantastic little neighborhood, why not embark on an audio-guided walking tour? I’ve found three enticing options for us: Notre Dame, a leisurely stroll along the Seine River, and a tour […]

Paris – are we sleeping?

ooohh a view of Notre Dame Oh, yes, yes! The Saint Germain area is absolutely perfect, especially being so close to the river. It’s an ideal location!When it comes to finding hotels, I look for that perfect blend of location, amenities, price, and, yes, quirkiness! Wait, what? Quirkiness? Absolutely! I adore staying in hotels that […]

Paris – let’s get this party started

Paris in March sounds perfect 🙂 Looking for flights is a breeze, especially with the handy grid search above. It makes it super easy to find the best time to travel. For me, it revealed that March offers the best fare deals for a week or two in Paris. But let’s dive deeper into choosing […]