Paris – Day 5 – finally some shopping!

Alrighty, let’s dive into another exciting day in Paris! We kick off our adventure at the marvelous Arc de Triomphe. With our special ticket, we’ll ascend to the rooftop and be greeted with yet another breathtaking panoramic view of the city. From up here, the grand significance of the Arc’s location becomes more apparent. Situated at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle, it truly shines like a star, surrounded by twelve majestic avenues.

And let me tell you, the roundabout encircling the Arc is a wild frenzy of cars, seemingly disregarding any road rules. So, my friend, forget about jaywalking your way there. Luckily, there’s a pedestrian tunnel that allows us to safely cross under the roundabout.

From the rooftop, we’ll also get a glimpse down the legendary Avenue des Champs-Élysées. This iconic street is renowned for its vibrant theaters, charming cafes, and luxurious shops. Maybe, just maybe, we can scout out a potential lunch spot from up here? Haha, although I must admit, my eyesight isn’t that great, so let’s not rely on that too much!

Afterward, we can saunter down this nearly 2-kilometer long avenue, immersing ourselves in the bustling atmosphere of the shops and cafes. Once we’ve explored to our heart’s content, we’ll choose a cozy lunch cafe where we can unwind and indulge in some well-deserved people-watching.

Now, before we get too caught up in all the excitement, let’s not forget to book our transfer to the airport from the hotel. We won’t have time to do it tomorrow, so it’s best to get that sorted today. We want to make sure everything runs smoothly for our departure.
I hope you’re as pumped as I am for our Parisian adventure! 

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