Paris – Day 4 – something tall and something small

Today’s adventure in Paris is taking us away from our hotel, and we’ll be cruising around the city on the delightful batobus. It’s like a hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour, except we’ll be enjoying the scenic river view as we go along.
Now, brace yourself because our next stop is none other than the Eiffel Tower itself! And guess what? We’re going all the way to the top, my friend. Prepare to have your breath stolen by the jaw-dropping views of Paris from above. The Eiffel Tower is always buzzing with people, but don’t fret. Our special ticket will save us from the long queues. Just remember to book this tour well in advance, as it tends to sell out quickly.

Once we’ve had our fair share of the tower’s magnificence, we can take a leisurely stroll in the picturesque park surrounding it. And when it’s time for dinner, fear not because we’re spoilt for choice with the plethora of great restaurants in the area. After enjoying a delightful meal, we’ll witness the Eiffel Tower light up and twinkle against the night sky before we hop back on the batobus and cruise back to our hotel.

Oh, and did you figure out the something small? If you take a glance at the river picture in the gallery, you’ll spot a mini Statue of Liberty at the end of the island. We’ll get a closer look at her from the batobus, and it’s going to be a charming sight indeed!
So, are you excited for this magnificent adventure in the City of Love and Lights?

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