Paris – Day 1 – let’s go walkabout

Let’s hit the streets and shake off any potential jet lag. No sleeping in today, because Paris is waiting for us!

Since we’re in this fantastic little neighborhood, why not embark on an audio-guided walking tour? I’ve found three enticing options for us: Notre Dame, a leisurely stroll along the Seine River, and a tour that combines street art and food!

Notre Dame is conveniently located just across the street. Let’s start our day there and witness how the rebuilding process is progressing after that devastating fire. It’s truly a stunning cathedral, and hopefully, it won’t be too crowded in the morning.
After exploring Notre Dame, let’s opt for the street art and food tour. It’ll be around lunchtime, and what better way to acclimate ourselves than by indulging in some authentic Parisian street food delights!
Once we’ve delighted our taste buds, we can take a leisurely walk back to our hotel along the picturesque river walk. It’ll give us a chance to soak in the beautiful surroundings. We’ll make it back in time for dinner, where we can enjoy a delicious meal, followed by a long, hot shower, and an early night’s rest. I’m sure we’ll be quite tired after such an exciting day! 🙂

There are so many other great walking tours – they have one for Sacré-Coeur: Explore the Sacred Heart of Montmartre that we’ll do another day maybe…


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