Paris – are we sleeping?

ooohh a view of Notre Dame

Oh, yes, yes! The Saint Germain area is absolutely perfect, especially being so close to the river. It’s an ideal location!
When it comes to finding hotels, I look for that perfect blend of location, amenities, price, and, yes, quirkiness!

Wait, what? Quirkiness?

Absolutely! I adore staying in hotels that have their own unique character and charm. It’s those special touches that make them stand out from the rest.
Now, let’s not confuse quirky or character with weird or run-down. I have zero interest in staying in a shabby hotel. Life’s too short for that!

But the other criteria I mentioned should be familiar to you. They’re essential when it comes to choosing the right hotel.
One thing that always crosses my mind when I’m browsing hotels is: What exactly counts as the “city center”? If you’re even vaguely familiar with the destination city, you might have a rough idea. But it’s easy to make assumptions or simply have no clue.

That’s where the map location becomes an invaluable tool for hotel hunting. Look for nearby landmarks and attractions. Is it within walking distance? Are there plenty of dining options around? And what about transportation choices? Are there buses, metros, taxis, bikes, or even the infamous le batobus nearby?


Oh, and don’t forget to book your airport transfer or use the taxi que! Taxi scams are unfortunately a real thing, so it’s important to book with a trustworthy service you can rely on.

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