Day 15 – Ha Long/Huế

Day 15 of our trip will take us back to Hanoi from Ha Long Bay, where we’ll have some time to explore the city before boarding an overnight train to Hue.

We overnighted on the junk boat cruise, so we will enjoy breakfast on board as we sail back to Hanoi, saying goodbye to the stunning beauty of Ha Long Bay. The journey back is just as scenic as the journey there, and we’ll have the opportunity to take in the views one last time.

Once we arrive back in Hanoi, we’ll have some free time to explore the city. We can visit some of the attractions we may have missed on our previous visit, or simply relax and enjoy the local vibe.

In the evening, we’ll board an overnight train to Hue, which is located in central Vietnam. The journey is approximately 13 hours, and the train is air-conditioned with comfortable sleeping berths.

Our adventure continues for another 14 days, and we’ll discover more of the rich history and culture of Vietnam along the way.

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